Breaking down the pros and cons of the SkyCam, the Ringer’s Danny Heifetz argued it’s most useful during running places.

With the classic sideline view, “running backs make breaking through piles of lineman look like a magic trick,” he wrote. The SkyCam offers a blunt view of the linemen, allowing the viewer to see holes open for the running back to capitalize on.

But that same view, he noted, makes it difficult for a viewer to determine how many yards are gained on each play. The sideline view makes it easy to count yardage, since fans can Basketball Cheap Jerseys see the entire field and the small white hash marks marking each consecutive yard. With the SkyCam, other players often obscure the hash marks.

The view also creates problems on passing plays. It allows viewers to watch wide receives run their routes from the perspective of a quarterback. But once the ball is thrown, the camera must zoom in on the receiver, following his post-catch route. That movement can become confusing for the eye to follow, especially considering that it can move faster than 25 miles per hour.

If the NFL decides to use SkyCam as a primary angle more often, it will be one of the bigger developments in the sport’s presentation — but probably not the last.

The NFL is constantly seeking new ways to deliver its product. It is even studying virtual reality technology to create a 360 degree viewing experience for fans at home, something the NHL has already done, ESPN reported.

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