Adele’s Grammys do-over leads to Falcons Super Bowl burns on Twitter

Adele had a very embarrassing moment Sunday at the Grammys. Tasked with paying tribute to the late George Michael, she was a little . . . off-kilter (OK, off-key) at the start.

The greatness of the organization Joe Gibbs built in Washington is best exemplified by this fact: Mark Rypien was the third different quarterback to win a Super Bowl for him. As well, Earnest Byner had taken over for John Riggins as the team’s featured runner. So it wasn’t one or two stars at key positions who carried the Skins. It was their remarkable offensive line, 1000-yard wideouts Art Monk and Gary Clark and an underrated defense that overwhelmed the considerable competition.

You know how everybody is making a big deal about Cleveland firing David Blatt? Well, George Seifert led this team to his second Super Bowl title in six years as coach, then won a combined 23 regular-season games over the next two years and lost his job. Now, that’s dumb. He certainly had tremendous players at his disposal, including the Hall-of-Fame connection of Steve Young to Jerry Rice. But getting rid of Seifert didn’t get San Francisco any greater success.

How teams use the sessions often depends on whether the prospect had Cheap Jerseys Toronto disciplinary or off-field problems at the college level.

To gauge their responses, some franchises will try to make players uncomfortable through an awkward line of questioning or even by how they are seated in the room. One common tactic is to Cheap Jerseys Soccer surround a player in the center of a circle with questions coming from all directions.

Those with clean backgrounds can sometimes escape what comes across as a personal inquisition. Those with character concerns usually face far more scrutiny.

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