NFL preseason games just got even worse

The NFL keeps refusing to completely get rid of, or even cut back on, the abomination that is the preseason schedule. Even the players and coaches are recognizing the futility Cheap Jerseys Stitched of the games by the way starters are and are not used every week. But the NFL keeps charging for them, and fans keep paying for them in spite of themselves.

Yet somehow, with its change in roster cut-downs this week — eliminating the 75-player date that came a week before the final regular-season 53-player reduction — the NFL managed to make the last two preseason games even more problematic and, likely, dangerous.

In the case of the last preseason week, it’s now either completely unwatchable or must-see TV, depending on whether the viewer is the Roman colosseum gladiator-type.

No rules. Everything goes. Survival of the fittest. Do what it takes to make the roster while competing with 15 more players than in past years.

It’s what the NFL is asking for, and it’s what they’re going to get. Who knows — you can’t put it past them that this is what they wanted, an extra reason to watch a preseason finale that’s Cheap Jerseys PlUS otherwise highlighted by camera shots of starters in team logo sweats joking it up on the sidelines.

Glennon’s signing, much like Trubisky’s status as a high draft pick, is based purely on upside. In that sense, bringing out the best of two unknown quantities would benefit both from the motivation of being pushed by each other. Trubisky knows nothing will be given to him. Glennon needs to have Cheap Jerseys Soccer China that same feeling.

Glennon is 27, the same age Matt Flynn was in 2012 when the Seahawks, after seeing some good flashes from Flynn as the Packers’ backup, gave him a three-year, $26 million deal with $10 million guaranteed. He was presumed to be the starter over Tarvaris Jackson … until Seattle used a third-round pick on Russell Wilson.