Don’t dive for that ball: The Triple-A game that was played on concrete

Portland Beavers outfielders didn’t want to dive on opening day in 1969.

The Beavers, then the Indians’ Triple-A affiliate, played at Civic Stadium in downtown Portland, Ore. Their ballpark gained national headlines that winter from a significant field announcement.

“The city council yesterday voted unanimously to carpet Portland’s city-owned Civic Stadium with artificial turf,” the Arizona Republic reported. “Councilmen said they hoped the turf would be ready for the opening of the baseball season this spring.”

As a native of Japan, Darvish was required by age 22 to renounce his Iranian citizenship to remain a citizen of Japan, which he did.

According to The Morning News, Darvish currently is in the U.S. and it would appear (key word there, given the early lack of clarity on the order) he wouldn’t be directly affected. Under current interpretations of the order, he might only be affected if he left the United States, in which case he might not be allowed back into the country.

The Rangers play May 26-28 in Toronto. Rangers officials told The Morning News that they intend to double-check to make sure that Darvish isn’t directly affected.

However, because the Rangers pitcher’s Cheap Jerseys Made In USA father, Farsad Darvish, is a native of Iran, he would be banned from traveling to the U.S. for at least 90 days.

Reached this weekend by The Morning News, Yu Darvish wasn’t sure if his father planned to visit in the near future, but he occasionally has come to the U.S. to see his son pitch since he signed with Rangers in 2012.

Madison Bumgarner injury update: Giants confirm no surgery needed

This qualifies as good news these days for the 7-14 San Francisco Giants: Ace left-hander Madison Bumgarner won’t need surgery on his injured shoulder.

Instead he’ll begin rehab work in four or five days on the separated shoulder sustained last Thursday in a dirt-bike accident, manager Bruce Bochy said Tuesday.

Nonetheless, Chapman became the first player to be suspended under MLB’s more stringent punishment system for domestic violence offenses, which does not require criminal charges for commissioner Rob Manfred to issue punishment.

Chapman voluntarily accepted the ban and returned to make 20 saves for the Yankees, posting a 2.01 ERA, before he was dealt to Chicago for three prospects. He performed even better for the eventual World Series champions, including pitching the final 1 1/3 innings to close out the Indians in Game 7.

More importantly, Chapman stayed out of trouble, and cashed in as a free agent to return to the Yankees with the richest contract even given to a relief pitcher.

Steinbrenner raves about Chapman every time he’s asked, and he believes Yankees fans feel the same way.

“It’s a lot of money for a reliever,’’ he said. “Obviously, he’s a special player. He’s about as strong a guy as you’ll ever come across.

“He’ll be great. The fans are excited. … They love him. There are so few Cheap Golden State Warriors Jerseys baseball players that I feel can really get fans to buy a ticket and brings their kids to their game, and he’s one of them.’’

Rex Ryan to join ESPN’s ‘Sunday NFL Countdown’ team, report says

There was little doubt about Rex Ryan’s next career move when the NFL coach-hiring cycle passed without him getting a job, and now the expected has come to fruition.

Ryan has signed on as an analyst for ESPN’s “Sunday NFL Countdown,” the New York Daily News reported Friday. The full-time gig comes on the heels of Ryan doing a guest spot on the show for its Super Bowl 51 edition last month.

“Rex is a great personality and has a unique perspective,” ESPN senior coordinating producer Seth Markman told SportsBusiness Journal at the time. “He knows the Patriots really well. He’s raring to go.”

Now Ryan will have the opportunity to share his insights into every team in the NFL, and that could make for decent entertainment.

The 54-year-old has spent the past eight seasons as a head coach in the league with the Jets and Bills after serving as an NFL assistant for a decade before that.

The Daily News reports Ryan is getting a multi-year deal with ESPN, so Cheap High Quality NFL Jerseys we’ll see if he ever finds himself back on a sideline.

“But guess what: It’s 2017. You’ve got to start appealing to what appeals to the next generation. So what is viewed as, ‘This is how you’re supposed to play’?”

Leiter’s point holds water. While high school baseball participation rates have steadily been rising and the sport is raking in more money than ever at the major league level, maybe Americans should look to other countries — say, the Dominican Republic — as an example of what’s appealing to the next generation.

The recruiting world knew about Fournette years before he signed.

Garrett stood 6’4.5 and 240 pounds, yet he looked almost skinny, clearly having room to add a good 25-plus pounds to his frame. He was an excellent pass rusher with good speed off the edge. Right away this looked special, because most high school speed rushers are typically lighter. That Garrett could rush off the edge with burst, play the run with power, and had the room to continue to grow was an elite combination. And since he was not overaged like many prospects are (Garrett did not turn 18 until after Christmas of his senior season), it suggested he had good potential for future growth.

Garrett also seemed smart for a high schooler. I could hold a conversation with him, as opposed to an awkward interview. And he was coachable, the staff at the Under Armour All-America Game told me.

The recruiting world knew about Fournette years before he signed. Watching him run, his style and balance reminded me of a bigger, faster Willis McGahee (before McGahee’s gruesome knee injury, of course). He was widely considered the best running back in a 2014 recruiting class that also featured Dalvin Cook, Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, Joe Mixon, Royce Freeman, Elijah Hood, Christian McCaffrey, Samaje Perine, and more.

Pierce had his moments in those other stops, particularly in Washington, where he helped guide the young Wizards while raining down clutch shots during the postseason. His season with the Wizards was memorable in that he finally reached the age where he gave exactly zero f–ks.

He gave hilariously cranky interviews where he ripped old teammates Cheap Team Baseball Jerseys and trashed upcoming opponents. He couldn’t figure out social media to save his life, but always managed to post charmingly corny photos dressed up for Halloween or a Kansas NCAA Tournament run. The further he was removed from Boston, Pierce became oddly endearing to the rest of the country.

Marcus Morris is cheering on the Wizards and could totally pass as his brother Markieff

Marcus Morris has been in D.C. to cheer on his identical twin brother, Markieff Morris, during the Washington Wizards’ 2017 playoff run.

Now that Markieff is questionable to return with an ankle injury in the second-round of the playoffs against the Boston Celtics, Marcus should just fill in for him.

There is no way you can convince me that he isn’t who he says he is.

They can grow out the same facial hair, have the same tattoos, and seriously just look like the same person. Their different styles of play may be hard to disguise, but who has the guts to question it.

This is a nice gesture from Marcus, though, as his brother wore a Detroit jersey to a Cleveland Cavaliers-Detroit Pistons game last year.

More structurally, I think a couple of things are in play. First, we’re seeing the GM-coach become more popular. You have Tom Thibodeau and Stan Van Gundy taking gigs like that fairly recently. They aren’t firing themselves.

You also have more frequent opportunity for player turnover due to shorter Cheap Reversible Jerseys For Basketball contracts. In the old NBA, contracts were so long that it truly was much easier to fire the coach than to fire the players. That’s still the case, but it’s a little bit easier to fire the players via free agency, the stretch provision, and a still-robust trade system.

That’s all a long-winded way of saying I think NBA coaching will Cheap Rugby Jerseys UK become more stable over time, but that this season remains an outlier.

This isn’t to say we won’t have any turnover this summer. You’re not worried about Steve Clifford and I agree that he’s probably safe at this point. Are you worried about anyone else, in the playoffs or otherwise?

Mike Tomlin tells 2 Steelers receivers sniping at each other on Twitter to ‘play nice’

The Steelers drafted a receiver in the second round of the NFL draft on Friday: USC star JuJu Smith-Schuster. Because teams draft prospects with their current rosters in mind, this set off some speculation about a few Steeler wideouts.

A fan tweeted to Martavis Bryant, a fourth-year receiver whom the NFL just conditionally reinstated after a season-long drug suspension. His message was something to the effect of, “You’re being replaced.”

Halprin: The Cowboys are still searching for a defensive end that can be a force in the pass rush, something they really haven’t had since DeMarcus Ware left. Willis can possibly be the guy and is a real bargain at pick No. 60. Blessed with extreme athleticism, he blew the competition away at the NFL Scouting Combine. He’s a high-motor guy who has been durable, and on the college level he has produced — 8.5 sacks in 2015 and 11.5 sacks in 2016. Pro Football Focus had him with the second-most quarterback pressures in 2016, with 80. There are some questions about lack of pass rush creativity and stiff hips on making the bed around the edge, but overall Willis has a lot to like, and with some coaching by Rod Marinellli, has the tools to be special.

Analysis: There are some who think that Willis is a player who could be in play for Dallas in the first round of the draft. To get him at No. 60 is a steal. He’s far and away the Cheap Jerseys No Shipping Fees top pure 4-3 end available. Like Seattle earlier in the day, this is a team that needs to get a cornerback Cheap Jerseys In USA or two this draft, but the value just isn’t there at this stage.

Happy 70th birthday to Kareem Abul-Jabbar!

The song chosen for this year’s ABC/ESPN playoff promo isn’t from Pitbull, the Black Eyed Peas or even The Roots: It’s Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble.” [nod of approval]

These Raptors playoff T-shirts should have been considered Basketball Jerseys For Sale a bad omen, in retrospect. If this is a rebrand to become the Toronto Cthulhu, however, I’m on board.

As the Bucks poured it on late, Giannis celebrated a good block and got called for a sympathy technical. Let the Freak yell!

Happy 70th birthday to Kareem Abul-Jabbar! Here are 70 sky hooks to celebrate.

The SuperSonics have more playoff wins this century than the Knicks. The SuperSonics had been dead for half of this century.

Speaking of New York’s favorite team, I wrote about Carmelo Anthony’s three options for dealing with the Knicks. I prefer The Captain America, but The Banana Boat would be something amazing.

This would spark Melodrama II as the selected franchises weigh flipping assets for a 33-year-old Anthony or wait for him to opt out in 2018. The wrinkle for the Banana Boat teams — especially Cleveland and L.A. — is that the incumbent superstars could put pressure on their front offices to make the deal. CP3 could make it clear in June he will explore the market in July unless the Clippers try to trade for Melo. LeBron has obvious power in Cleveland and a potential Melo-for-Kevin Love swap is still sitting right there.

Let’s not sleep on the potential for LeBron to declare that Cheap Golden State Warriors Jerseys he wants the team to get CP3 in a sign-and-trade for Kyrie Irving, trade Love for Melo and sign Wade, who can opt out from his Bulls contract. That would be an insane decision for everyone involved, but this is the NBA, where amazing happens.